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Hello World of Blogging

Today I blog for the first time. Why?….. Why not?

The real reason is to bring information about buying and selling to you all. Today I give you all 3 tips to know about buying a new home.

1) Talk to a lender now and insure you have no surprises when trying to buy your next home. I know what most of you are thinking…. I’m good! Well do you know if your identity has be compromised? This will also help you with your home search. Don’t search for less or more than you can or think you can afford. You don’t know till you check!

2) Have a real estate professional explain the process of buying. It is complex, and I would recommend having a local specialist help lead you in the right direction.

3) During the home buying process, remember that anything you buy can and will effect the purchase of your new home. Put away your credit cards and don’t open any new accounts. That new car will have to  wait!!

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